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Brand / UI / UX / Design studio

Concept and design always flow side to side with each other in harmony, to approach your target audience, one must understand that the main key factor for a good design is conveying a message, one that will make your selected audience appreciate and connect to.

Experience concept design

Business’s that need to start from the beginning, building their concepts and ideas. It includes everything a new business needs: logo, paperwork, b. Cards, Facebook cover & more

user experience & brand

YOU have your own individual idea and brand that represents only you! Let us assist you in deciding what fits your budget and the concepts you are after. Providing your business the best results that will trigger your targeted audience

Our Portfolio

Design a beautiful website

Designing your new WordPress website with us has never been easier! Simple steps to unsure a great Website with the right flow:

  • Developing the site
  • Examining functionally
  • Understanding UX
  • Designing with UI
  • Mobile Adjustments
  • Plugins to maximize

our services include

Graphic design

we offer any design needed. *Brand identity *Graphic design - from banners, roll-ups, exhibition booths design, pamphlets, Book covers and interior layouts Product design UI & UX consultation, Presentations etc..

WordPress sites

We build the with the latest trends amazing wordpress sites, including design and UX-UI design, while showing the best flow for your user and products.

Print Solutions

From concept to Design, closing file types for any Design to print, booths, rollups and more

Technological advancement

keeping in tuned with the latest technological advancements is a must, knowing the various opportunities to better your business is one of the key factors in design.

Amazingly responsive platforms

Every platform needs to correspond with each other, moblie to desktop - and from digital to print, while keeping the brand identity in tact.

Easy & Fast communications

In todays digital world its easier to keep in contact via phone, sms, whatsapp, mail and more. we will answer all your questions and provide you with great services

Shirly Niv Marton

I am a UI & UX, graphic designer at heart for over 8 years with a wide range of clients and projects under my supervision and creative eye. 
I would love to set a meeting with you to further collaborations within your company.
My clientele consists of startups and monthly based designs for various corporations, From political campaigns, new innovative startups to small business’s starting their journey.
In today’s digital growing market, it is essential to have an experienced designer on your team. To deliver fast and accurate results, to brainstorm on new products and marketing strategies and of course to be keen on new trending designs and technologies that advance your business.
I welcome you to view my portfolio.
And am looking forward to setting a meeting with you.
Thank you for your time,
Best regards,

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